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Welcome to Peters Chiropractic Center

Your Orange City
Neurologically Based Chiropractor

"Change your Brain...Change your Pain"

Experiencing 21st Century Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care

At Peters Chiropractic Center of Orange City, Dr. Peters offers 21st-centuryPicture_02222.jpg assessment, gentle neurologically based chiropractic adjustments as well as neurological testing.  We also use the ZenFrames brain and mind development tool designed to help you achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. In addition we use oxygen and brain based therapies as well as nutritional plans designed exactly for your body type.

The days of "Rack-em and Crack-em" are GONE

What is Neurologically Based Chiropractic?   

Neurologically Based Chiropractic care consists of neurological testing with appropriate brain based therapies. By utilizing these therapies, Dr. Peters is able to help her patients achieve peak performance.                     

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We also use state of the art equipment, the NeuroInfiniti, which measures brain waves in the body and how your body is handling the chemical, emotional and biomechanical stressors in your life.  There are only a handful of chiropractors in the world today that use this advanced technology and at Peters Chiropractic in Orange City, we are proud to say we are one of the few that use this technology in the state of Florida.

Stress Response Evaluation

The NeuroInfiniti Stress Response Evaluation is an effective and accurate method of measuring your physiological stress response. It is a 20 minute computerized test, which is a totally non-invasive exam using an instrument found in research facilities around the world.

Sensors are attached to your skin in such areas as your shoulder muscles, the top of your head, your ears, your waist, and your hands. There are no needles or any form of skin penetration. From this test, we can compare your neurological response and recovery to three types of stress challenges.

Using the information from the NeuroInfiniti, we are able to detect what parts of the brain are over or under-firing, causing your brain to miscomunicate with your body.  With this information, we can provide you with a more complete resolution to help problems resolve and keep them from coming back. We can help you reach greater heights of health, as well as detect functional imbalances at their earliest stages.

Brain Based Therapy

We provide very comprehensive and customized Brain Based Therapy,
BBT is a revolutionary new treatment for previously difficult-to-treat problems like fibromyalgia, chronic pain, dizziness, migraines, insomnia, racing heart and many other chronic conditions.

Based on the work of Chiropractic Neurologists Drs.Ted Carrick, Michael Johnson, and Richard Barwell, developer of the Neuroinfiniti, this new treatment utilizes our understanding of the human brain, it's controlling influence over all other body systems, the ways that it loses its optimal "frequency of firing" and the many health problems that result.

Through specialized tests, Dr. Peters is able to pinpoint the area(s) of "energy deficit" in the brain.  With a combination of neurological treatments and chiropractic techniques it's then possible to target and "recharge" the depleted areas and retrain the brain.  This addresses the cause of the problem and provides relief from pain and other chronic symptoms that pills and ordinary treatment procedures cannot.

 Oxygen Therapy

Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive: fuel and activation. Fuel comes in the form of glucose and oxygen. You get the glucose from the food you eat BUT as you age, your ability to utilize oxygen decreases. We are giving you oxygen to help you heal faster. We want to get you better as fast as possible, to do this we have added Oxygen Therapy to our office.

Is Oxygen Essential for Brain Activity?

The brain demands at least 20% of the body's oxygen supply, when it doesn't get this supply it can lead to issues such as sleep apnea, poor concentration, forgetfulness, mood swings, restlessness, depressive thoughts and fatigue.

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Dr. Mary Peters
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